Performance: Natalie Su Company Presents: Hatched @ The Barking Theatre, 23rd March

Natalie Su Company presents “Hatched” 

The premiere of our new work ‘COURAGE’ created in collaboration with illustrator Joanna Layla with music composed and produced by Robert Logan.

3 entities sitting on a bench, not related but in their own space and mind contemplating “When content with just who you are- no more, no less. That’s the moment you find yourselves proud owners of everything that can not be bought”.

An evening of curated works, immersive dance and captivating collaborations.  Exclusive installation from Maresa Smith Photography.  “Hatched” setup to welcome interdisciplinary collaborations in a safe environment, come and enjoy a burst of innovation .  Network with other  passionate creatives who desire to grow and alter new forms of expression through movement.

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