This piece looks into woman’s self image and her ever changing self perception, influenced by the media, how images affect the identity of a woman, religious aspects of faith resurrecting the contaminated truths of self.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made, we are made to be seen, we will be seen and stand in our identity: Beautiful

Created as a one woman piece of performance art, my story, my fears, my ugly truths.  Then brought to live through the unravelling monologs of 15 woman’s real stories from around the world.  We all have shame and scars, but releasing them creatively to the world can display a beautiful picture of strength and the true identity of who we are as women of many nations.

I need to delve into a tangible state, through experimentation with women’s stories.  By simply sharing together our thoughts and view, standing as one entity of truth, we can change our self-perception, overcoming the media’s vicious, fake crush on our image.