Joshua Burnside – A Man of High Renown

Watch the new video for the single “A Man Of High Renown” by singer-songwriter Joshua Burnside, choreography by Jennifer Rooney, Dancers Natalie Su Robinson and Michael McEvoy.

Following his critically acclaimed debut album Ephrata (which won the Northern Irish Music Prize last year), he releases a new EP called “All Round The Light Said” on 29 June via Quiet Arch Records.

The video was filmed in prominent locations in Belfast, varying from the very modern (such as Titanic Quarter), to treelined streets (close to Van Morrisons’ famous Cyprus Avenue) , the buoys (outside Belfast Art College), Church (where it begins), and a mixture of rural and urban locations. This was to create a patchwork of locations that fitted with the concept of Joshua’s music being reflective of Twenty-First Century Ireland’s perpetual collision of the old and very new in equal measure.

Video director David Moody: “When planning the visuals for Man of High Renown we wanted to ensure we not only represented the song accurately but also Joshua’s style. The mix of urban and rural landscapes, alongside the modern and classical choreography, reflect what Joshua is doing with his music. We wanted the video to feel like a journey; the viewer starts off with Joshua as he prepares to play, and alongside the dancers, you get to explore these massively juxtaposed locations. The piece ends and you feel almost like you have transcended time as you explored all of these Irish vistas.”

Whilst Joshua creates songs that are understated yet passionate and heartfelt, he is not afraid to tackle difficult subject matter. On the back of winning the Northern Irish Music prize in 2017 and his controversial political track calling for peace “Red and White Blues” (which he was stopped from playing during a live session for local a BBC station as it name checks the DUP), he was invited to play for President Bill Clinton at Belfast City Hall at a private event to mark 20 years of the Good Friday Agreement on 10 March 2018.